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Indoor or outdoor play area?

How important would it be to you, to have an indoor and outdoor play area for your children, in the development that you live in? Well it seems that a Dubai doctor is trying to get Abu Dhabi government to introduce guidelines, that would require every new development to have these spaces. Read more at The National.

Dr Rajeshree Singhania, a neuro-development doctor in Dubai, urged the Government to recognise the value of play and introduce guidelines that would reserve space in future developments for indoor and outdoor recreation zones.“It’s an appeal to policymakers to accept the concept of play for what it is,” she said. “It is extremely important for a child’s social, physical and mental development and research has shown that free play helps with their emotional development as well.”

Developers should be obliged to include play areas in high rise buildings, in the same way that zoning laws dictate some land-use regulations, she said.

“When you plan a city there are certain laws requiring ‘X’ amounts of green areas per inhabitant. Well, I am of the opinion that all high-rise buildings should have at least some dedicated play areas so kids can have a place to go and play without going out to the roads, where there’s a lot of traffic.”

Dr Singhania is already putting the plan into practice at Dubai’s City of Arabia property project.

Bring Ramadan to your Children

Dubai Festival City is having special events each day 10am-1pm.

Union Properties supports Children’s City

AME Info: 

UP has planned several activities dedicated to the community this year to highlight its 20 years of growth in the emirate of Dubai.

‘We owe our success and growth over the past 20 years to the Government of Dubai’s infinite support for the private sector, and it is our turn to give back to the society that forms the Dubai community,’ said Michael Jackson, Marketing Director, UP. ‘As a company, we recognize the importance of children’s creative and educational development, and our goal is to support their future through our commitment to support non-profit organizations such as Children’s City, who are part of Dubai Municipality.’

Makiya Al Haijiri, Head of Children’s City said, ‘The support of the private sector in Children’s City activities is very important in achieving our social goals.’

‘With the launch of our 20th anniversary commemorations in April 2007, we have organized a series of community activities to support various non-profit organizations. The support we are offering Children’s City today represents the first of many such activities that we have planned for this year. It is our way of supporting the organizations that work hand in hand with schools and families to develop children who are confident and creative builders of their future,’ added Jackson.

Ibn Battuta mall’s second monthly Coffee Club

Al Bawaba:

Women and children gather at ibn battuta mall’s second monthly coffee club to raise funds for the beit al khair society.

Guests enjoyed a Starbucks Coffee Seminar, new Summer Ranges by Debenham’s and a fun fitness demonstration by Fitness First

Over 130 women and children gathered at Ibn Battuta Mall’s second monthly Coffee Club this morning to hear an interactive Coffee Seminar from special host Starbucks, view the latest Summer looks from Debenham’s and be motivated by an energizing aerobic performance by Fitness First, with all donations raised going towards the Beit Al Khair Society – who provide humanitarian services to the needy U.A.E nationals.

Starbucks showcased its leading coffees from around the world and discussed the origins of the featured coffees in “Geography is a Flavour”, with guests learning different tasting terms used by professional baristas and also how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home using the Starbucks coffee press. At the session, participants also discovered how to pair select coffees with the ideal food item to compliment the flavours and provide a taste sensation.

“We are passionate about the coffees we serve and interactive workshops such as these help us to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers so they can discover the Starbucks Experience at our stores and their homes,” said Maan Kouly, Senior Operations Manager, Starbucks Coffee Middle East.
Children were kept entertained by the friendly and fun Ibn Battuta Mall characters, while their mothers watched Debenhams, voted UAE’s best department store by Grazia Magazine readers, present their Summer Ranges for both men and women in a lively and entertaining fashion parade, with 15 Fitness First trainers acting as models for the event.

“We are thrilled with the attendance each month to Ibn Battuta Mall’s Coffee Club and we are delighted to host an event for women in Dubai to gather and engage in topics across health, lifestyle, childcare, fitness and fashion, while also raising funds for a charity which today was the Beit Al Khair Society,” said Sandy Mercer, Marketing Manager, Ibn Battuta Mall.

Benefit (Make Up) from Debenhams provided mini make overs for guests, while Calvin Kelin launched the new fragrance CK1in2u and offered free samples to women who attended the Coffee Club.

Guests were also treated to a yoga demonstration and high energy aerobic routine from Fitness First professional trainers, with each attendee receiving a one week guest pass to any of the Fitness First locations around Dubai. One lucky lady also won a one month guest pass to attend Fitness First.
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Mother Baby and Child Show in Dubai

The other day I went to the Mother Baby and Child show in Dubai. I went with a mother with two children, and we went on Friday late afternoon. After going to the show last year, I was looking forward to the show this year. There is so much you can learn from the show, and you can find some of the latest products here in the UAE.

There were a couple of problems with this year visit. We went on a weekend, late afternoon, when every one else was trying to go. The reason for this is also that they had Barney there doing shows, and every child wanted to see Barney, including one of the kids with us. So looking back if you are going to add Barney or any other character then you need to add more space. At 17:30 I got in line to get our tickets, at 17:45 they said that they would not give out any more tickets until 18:30. The ticket center was just a few feet away from the door, and to say the least it was a mess. At 18:15 I went back to get in line for tickets, and at around 19:00 I finally got our tickets.

After getting the tickets I had to almost fight to not get knocked over and to get to the door (yes one door to enter the show), this was carrying one child while the mother pushed the baby in the stroller. After about 20 minutes of going nowhere, we decided that we should just leave and come back the next day.

While we were leaving I spoke to some one that was in charge of the planning the show, she said, “We never expected this big of a turn out.” That may have been the case, but it was dangerous for all the children, and a lot of stands that were near the stage, you could not even get close to those stands. After we spoke to the lady (sorry I did not get her name) we got in at a side door. If it had not been for that I would not have went in. Once we were in it was not too bad, unless you where near the stage. Of course the 4 year-old just had to see Barney, so we were at the stage for most of the time. All in all it took use four hours to get tickets, get in, see Barney, and then to see about four stands.

I have to say that I like the show, even though I did not get to see that much, and that I had my toes stepped on all night. The UAE needs more shows like this, but it needs to be arranged different. Keep children activities in one large area, and keep it moving. The stands that are for the parents and industry professionals should be in a different area, so that they can move around. Maybe have an area where children can play while parents are looking around. It is hard to try to get 30 strollers down one aisle and that does not include the other adults trying to get around. I will be at the next show just to see how much they have improve.

Just so you know they are planning the next show in Abu Dhabi May 30-June 2 2007. I will let you know the details as we get them. There is not much on the their website Mother Baby and Child.

Justkidding opens in Dubai

Emirates Today has a story about a new shop that has open in Dubai, Justkidding. It seems that this shop can be that one place where you can find something special for your little one, that birthday gift, or maybe that special baby gift. From the article it seems that this place has just about anything that your little one might need. They even have a parents corner where you can get that much needed coffee. If you have been to this shop let us know what you thought of it.

For more information you can call Justkidding at 04 341 3922.

Strollers at Dubai Airport

Emirates Airlines has launched a new program at the Dubai International Airport, in that they offer strollers for your use free of charge while at the airport. This will be a big help to parents that have checked-in their stroller, but still need to get around the airport.

Emirates Airline passengers travelling with infants through Dubai International Airport will now enjoy added convenience and comfort, with the introduction of a new complimentary baby stroller service.

Mohammed Mattar, Emirates’ Senior Vice President for Airport Services Dubai said: “Emirates’ Airport Services is continuously looking for new ways to improve our offering and provide passengers with a stress-free airport experience. Travelling with children can be strenuous and we are pleased to introduce this new complimentary service, which adds to the family-friendly facilities onboard Emirates’ aircraft and ensures that families travelling with infants enjoy their travel experience with Emirates from the start of their journey to the very end.


Fun Places in Dubai

While I was looking for something else today, I found this list of parks, waterparks, zoos, and other fun places for you and your children. Check out this link if you live in Dubai or if you are planning to visit.

Peeaboo’s at Mall of the Emirates

Weekend magazine has a story about Peeaboo and their new location in the Mall of the Emirates. I have never visited this center, but it sounds like a good place for your children, to play and stay cool this summer.

“What makes us different is our daily programme which includes cooking classes, arts and crafts, music. We have climbing frames, dress-up corner, a reading corner and our toys are very carefully chosen. At Peekaboo we also do puppet shows and story time which is very popular. This is when a woman comes in to do an interactive story telling with props. The children ask questions, and it is a very informal environment where they sit on cushions on the floor. Our programmes are always changing.

You can read more about the Peeaboo center here. The article does not say how much the programs cost, so if you know, let us know. They also have a location in Village Mall in Jumeirah.

Best Buddy

The Emirates Today newspaper has a wonderful story today, about Neena and program to help children. Neena is a teacher at St. Mary’s Catholic High School. She has started a program called “Best Buddy“, that matches 25 students from St. Mary’s Catholic with children that have special needs, from Al Noor.

Like anyone else, children with special needs want friends they can have fun with. The Best Buddy programme matches up 25 St Mary’s students with pupils from special needs centre Al Noor, based on locality and shared interests.

“Ms Neena helped us get in touch with these children and show them that we care.” This summer, Nizar has joined with Dubai’s Special Families Support Group to organise a summer camp for the emirate’s special needs children.The camp, which has its first official day tomorrow, will run for two months and offer activities ranging from swimming to yoga.

“The Best Buddy programme enables special and mainstream children to mix and lead normal lives. We learn to accept one another.” Nizar believes it is important to foster such understanding in the city’s youth because they are the leaders of tomorrow. They will have the power to hire or dismiss someone because of physical appearance, she says.

If you would like to help with the program, or if you would like more information about the camp you can contact Neena on 050.7842.488 or email